RFID Tags with nano copper ink

Another common application for conductive inks is printing RFID tags. In this example, the tags were printed using Copprint’s LF-301 nano copper ink on paper in the desired pattern. This process resulted in better performance than an off-the-shelf tag we purchased from a market volume leader in RFID. With NOVA, we were able to produce one fully printed RFID tag antenna in less than 15 minutes.

Printing with NOVA: Copper RFID tags on paper
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Choosing an ink

Each ink has its own unique specifications and applications. Making a decision on which ink to choose can seem intimidating, so we are going to help simplify this process for you:

When choosing an ink, there are a few main aspects to consider to ensure your application achieves the results you're looking for. The main consideration is what you're trying to achieve with your application. This main decision will lead to other secondary considerations such as the substrate you plan to print on, the technology you intend to print with, and your budget. For a detailed breakdown on ink compatibility, see A Compatibility Guide for Inks and Substrates.

Some conductive ink suppliers include:

If you have questions about ink compatibility with our NOVA or V-One dispensing systems, please contact us at support@voltera.io


The innovation of technology can’t exist without the innovation of processes. As electronics continue to move into a more flexible, sustainable, affordable, and reliable future, conductive inks serve as tools to make these innovations achievable. 

To discuss whether a NOVA or V-One dispensing system might be right for your application, book a meeting with one of our application specialists.

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