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Build your PCB instantly with the Voltera V-One PCB printer.

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Intuitive. Elegant. Robust.

The V-One was designed to withstand the chaos of an electronics lab while being incredibly easy to use. It doesn't have a panel of knobs and switches or a nest of wires. Instead, all the heads are magnetically mounted and attach with a satisfying snap.

Repeatable. Precise. Powerful.

Active xyz-mapping ensures your design is rotated, scaled, and translated perfectly. Fine tip nozzles create the trace width you're looking for. A 550 Watt heater is ready for any reflow application.

Designed for you.

And you, and you.

Product Development

From idea to proof-of-concept in minutes.

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Cutting edge research and experimentation.

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Enabling the next generation of innovators.

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Trusted by industry experts.

(And, to top it off)The V-One has won many awards.

The V-One absolutely rocks!

It’s like a tiny little piece of magic. I feel like a kid with a new toy every time I use it. I love it!

Anonymous Voltera User Feedback 
Want to make PCBs in under an hour?Discover the V-One.

The V-One is a multi-functional circuit printer, optimizing R&D productivity at your desk.

Voltera customers are pushing the boundaries of PCBs with groundbreaking applications.

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