Build hardware faster.

Prototype on your desktop with the
Voltera V-One PCB Printer.

The V-One prints double sided PCBs, dispenses solder paste, and will help you explore new materials and substrates.

Print your own circuit boards.

On your desktop and on your schedule, the Voltera V-One gets you from prototype to production faster than ever before.

Create two layer circuit boards on your desk. Load your Gerber files and watch the dispenser lay down a silver-based conductive ink to print your circuit right before your eyes.

Skip the soldering iron.

Focus on designing, not soldering. Regardless if your boards come from a factory, or from your desk - just mount them on the V-One and off you go.

Say goodbye to stencils and cut your assembly time in half. Assembling boards is easy - it is quick turn PCBA at your desk!

Software you will love.

Voltera’s software is designed to be understood. From importing your Gerber files to the moment you press print, the software walks you though each step with built in videos and tutorials.

Compatible with EAGLE, Altium, KiCad, Mentor Graphics, Cadence, DipTrace and Upverter. Is your CAD tool not on this list? Contact us to find out if we're compatible!

“As an engineer, I know the frustrations of waiting for circuit boards, and the Voltera V-One elegantly solves this problem.”

Sir James Dyson - Inventor & founder.

Experiment with ease.

What if you want to dispense your own inks? No problem. This is a robust tool and most inks work right out of the box with little or no modifications.

Dev Kit Support!

Get started quickly with development platforms like the Arduino® Uno and Raspberry Pi™ B+. Take your breadboard projects to the next level with your own personal shields.

What do our users say?

This V-One absolutely rocks! It's like a tiny little piece of magic. I feel like a little kid with a new toy every time I use it. I love it!

An award winning machine.

"International Winner"

"Invention of the Year"

"International Winner"

"Editor's Choice"

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