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Voltera Wins Best Product Award!

The Voltera Team
November 1, 2017
Company updates

The IDTechEx Show we were at last week is a pretty big deal. It brings together the leading companies in Printed Electronics (PE), Additive Manufacturing (AM), Wearables, Sensors, and other innovative tech industries.

It is a big deal because…

with hundreds of companies under the same roof, good things happen. Not only were we able to find many people who desperately needed a tool for rapid prototyping, but we were also able start relationships with companies that will allow us to expand the capabilities of the inks and substrates we offer. We’ve been excited about this for a while!

Oh did we mention we’re shipping?! ;)

It is a big deal because…

you get an opportunity to be a thought leader for your peers. We were able to present Voltera’s thoughts on what all PE and AM companies should be doing to have a greater impact on the world — focusing on accessibility. There’s a dozen ways to interpret that and each are valid. The moral is that when designing the user experience, you need to put in the hard work so that your users don’t have to.

It is a big deal because…

the IDTechEx organization recognizes the businesses that are doing the best research, developing the best new materials, finding new applications, or in Voltera’s case, creating the Best Product in the Printed Electronics category!

Nothing but smiles from Katarina and Matt after the awards ceremony

Conductive ink technologies have traditionally been focused on very niche applications but the V-One has introduced electronics designers everywhere to the ability to rapidly print prototype PCBs.

We’re so honored and humbled to have been recognized for our hard work over the last few years and know we have plenty of challenges and excitement ahead of us!

Ready to join us on that journey? Start printing today!

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