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Voltera Ranks in Canada’s Top Growing Companies Yet Again!

September 1, 2021
Company updates

Well, folks — we’ve done it again.

The Globe and Mail’s list of Canada’s Top Growing Companies has been released, and Voltera has made the ranks for the third time. Launched in 2019, the Canada’s Top Growing Companies editorial ranking aims to celebrate entrepreneurial achievement in Canada by identifying and amplifying the success of growth-minded, independent businesses in Canada. It’s a voluntary program; companies had to complete an in-depth application process in order to qualify. In total, 448 companies earned a spot on this year’s ranking.

The full list of 2021 winners, and accompanying editorial coverage, is published in the October issue of Report on Business magazine—out now—and online.

“As we look toward the future, Canada’s Top Growing Companies offer both inspiration and practical insights for other firms facing similar challenges,” says James Cowan, Editor of Report on Business magazine. “The entrepreneurs behind these companies are smart, tenacious, and unwavering in their commitment to their goals.”

“When recognition is based on real-world growth, it really validates that what we’re doing has value — and that we need to keep going. We hope this inspires the people we need to bring on board in the next year as we look to launch our next revolutionary rapid prototyping tool that we know will radically change the industry as we know it. We’re looking to double our employee count by the end of 2022!,” says Alroy Almeida, CEO and co-founder here at Voltera.

Especially since that growth comes during a period of unprecedented uncertainty thanks to a global pandemic that has been drastically impacting global supply chains, not to mention the ability of product designers, researchers, and educators to keep moving forward with their ideas by gaining access to their labs. But if the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything — it’s that technological innovation doesn’t stop — it just gets better.

An illustration of that can be found in Dr. Dipti Gupta, Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, who was recently published in the journal ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces for her work to develop flexible, wearable, and tactile sensors that will have biomedical devices and prosthetics applications.

“We’ve seen what people can do when they’re empowered with the right tools and — even when they don’t have the exact right tool — what they can do with the right partnership to make what they’ve imagined come to life. Our customers are the ones who are going out there and changing the world — we’re just helping them do it,” says Katarina Ilic, Vice President of Sales and co-founder here at Voltera.

Voltera has had an amazing year through all of the ups and downs, and we’re looking forward to what’s ahead for us in 2022! Keep an eye out for us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — and if you’re looking for a new place to call home, we’re looking to grow our team significantly in the coming months! Stay tuned.

Until next time…

The Voltera Team

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