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Voltera Again Recognized Among Canada's Fastest Growing Tech Companies

The Voltera Team
November 1, 2020
Company updates

You’ve probably read a lot of posts this year that start with some variation of “in these uncertain times…” So as a kind of public service, Voltera would like to share with you some news as routine and certain as the rising sun.

Voltera has ranked among Canada’s fastest growing tech companies again this year! We're excited to announce that for the second time, Voltera is among Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 Companies to Watch in addition to our recent rankings on the Globe and Mail's Canada's Top Growing Companies and Canadian Business' Canada's Fastest Growing Companies (second time for each of those as well!).

As we’ve said in the past, winning awards is not what we’re here to do. The satisfaction of our customers and the quality of the technology created on our platform are how we measure success. But we’re fond of the recent awards that we’ve won for a simple reason: they’re based on the financial statements of the company. There’s no room for spin. Cold, hard numbers are how Deloitte determined the winners for their 2020 Technology Fast 50 (well, it’s how they determine everything) and as engineers we value these awards for that reason.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created extraordinarily difficult circumstances, both to public health and the economy. But ingenuity and indomitable will are how human beings have overcome every previous challenge with which we have been presented. Today we’re taking a moment to celebrate Voltera being a part of this story of invention and overcoming, and for this recognition of the small part we have to play in Canada’s vibrant and growing technology industry — were privileged to be a part of it.

If you would like to join us as we continue to grow, see our current opportunities.