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The V-One is the new standard in electronics education.


Princeton’s Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department is giving students the opportunity to build and launch devices into space. Putting the V-One on the lab bench means students can validate experiments and gain practical intuition that they wouldn’t get by outsourcing fabrication.

Hardware Design Project

Watch University of Waterloo Mechatronics undergrad student Sherman Qiu build an 8x8x8 LED matrix with flexible substrates, learning the full stack of hardware design – from schematics to programming the final microcontroller – as he brings the project to life.

From high school to graduate level, the V-One is easy to learn and to use.

Have questions about the V-One?Read our FAQs.

All-in-one circuit design

Teach your students circuit design and fabrication and help them to progress from simple to more complex circuits using the V-One’s circuit printing and assembly features.

An icon showing that Voltera's software is intuitive

Intuitive experience

The V-One software feels more like an app on your students’ phones rather than traditional CAM software.

An icon showing that the Voltera V-One Desktop PCB Printer works well with open source platforms like Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Open Source Friendly

The Voltera V-One is designed to work with open source platforms like Arduino, Particle and Raspberry Pi. Go from idea to working prototype in one lesson.

Voltera is trusted by these leading educational institutions:


"The V-One absolutely rocks! It’s like a tiny little piece of magic. I feel like a kid with a new toy every time I use it. I love it!"

"Thanks so much... The V-One has really been a game changer for us. We are experimenting with concepts we never thought were possible before. This little machine has opened up a portal of possibilities in our research."

"I've never had a better and fast customer experience in my life! Amazing response time and clear and concise instructions. Also the built in support chat app is 10/10!"

"Awesome - as always. I wish all my tech support interactions with other companies went as well as they do with Mike @ Voltera."

"Always has the answers or works towards improving methods. Great support!"

"We were getting very fed up with screen printing. The stencils cost as much as the PCBs and come with even longer wait times, not to mention the storage issue - they were literally taking up a quarter of my office at one point.... When I heard about the V-One I thought it was too good to be true, just dispense solder paste without a stencil and no down time? It works just as promised... we are populating boards quickly and now I can get to having my office space back for you know... working!"

"Being a Hardware R&D group, your concept can really open new dimensions in how we prototype and check things out."

"I want to take the opportunity to thank you guys for having such a great customer support service. Always fast, relevant and helpful answers!"

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