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The V-One is a multi-functional circuit printer, optimizing R&D productivity at your desk.

Anatomy of the V-One

The Voltera V-One

The V-One includes all of the accessories you will need to get started with printing, soldering, reflow and drilling. No hidden surprises.

The clamps and thumbscrews mount a wide range of board sizes and thicknesses.


Use Voltera's smart height probe and existing board features such as fiducials for XYZ alignment.


Designed to be compact, the V-One Drill maintains a 3 mil runout even at high speeds.


Deposit conductive ink and solder paste on printed or factory-fabbed boards down to a 0.65mm pin-to-pin pitch.


The integrated 550W heater is able to reach 240°C to cure conductive ink or reflow components. Use standard curing profiles or create your own.



It's very quick! A simple board like the Hello World will take about 5 minutes to print, 30 minutes to bake (the ink needs to be dried), and depending on how fast you place your components about 30 minutes to dispense solder paste and reflow.

You can comfortably make a simple single layer board in two to three hours.

Yes! The V-One comes with a drill attachment.

The V-One Drill makes double sided boards easy to create and comes with all the drill bits, rivets and other accessories you need to get started. Learn more about it here!

128mm x 116mm (5.0" x 4.5"). Visit our specs page for full product details.

While multi-layer additive electronics is a dream for Voltera, and we're working hard to enable this functionality, currently we only support 2 layer boards.

The V-One currently does not have an integrated pick-and-place, so components must be placed by hand. The V-One has been designed to be a prototyping tool. At these volumes setting up a pick and place machine can take more time and effort than manual placement.

The V-One only drills the substrate - meaning, you can create a hole through your substrate which is the same size as the drill bit you select. The V-One does not support routing or milling.

The maximum board thickness for the V-One clamps is 3mm. Check our our full tool spec to learn more.

Yes, but only single-sided boards with a maximum height below 7mm, to accomodate the z-axis clearance of the V-One.

An icon depicting the smart alignment feature of the Voltera V-One PCB Printer.

Smart Alignment

Align quickly using Voltera's smart height probe and existing board features as fiducials for XY alignment.

An icon depicting the drilling feature of the Voltera V-One PCB Printer.


Designed to be compact, the V-One Drill maintains a 3 mil runout even at high speeds.

An icon depicting the dispensing feature of the Voltera V-One PCB Printer.


A precision dispensing system, the V-One uses an internal leadscrew for extremely fine fluid control. Deposit ink and solder paste with a 0.65mm pin-to-pin pitch.

An icon depicting the heating feature of the Voltera V-One PCB Printer.


Cure ink and reflow with one click using pre-registered heating profiles for Voltera materials on the integrated 550W heater, able to reach 240°C.

Interested? It's free!Download our software here.

Ink and Printing FAQ

The bulk resistivity of our ink is 9.5E-7 Ohms.m and the sheet resistance under typical conditions is 12 mOhms/sq. It is among the best conductive inks on the market. While it is not as conductive as copper, it is capable of handling almost all digital and analog applications.

A single ink cartridge will allow you to print up to 85 Hello World boards. This also equates to 100 m of conductive trace at 8 mil width, or 200 cm2 of solid pour. The number of boards you are able to print will depend on size and complexity of the circuits you are building.

The ink cartridge has an official shelf life of 12 months and should be stored in the refrigerator when not used.

An 8 month research partnership with the University of Alberta demonstrated the ink will perform on par with standard copper up to 5 GHz!

To learn about conductivity considerations, visit this article in our support docs.

We've tested our printed PCBs under 100mA load for 4 months in ambient, high-temperature (60°C) and low-temperature (5°C) environments, with no detectable change in performance.

We recommend you stick with through-hole for large components like connectors, but use surface mount components for resistors and capacitors.

For passive components, we can dispense ink down to 0402 pads. For IC's, although we officially support 0.8 mm pin to pin pitch, 0.65mm has been shown to work reliably.

Your mileage may vary, and you're definitely in adventure mode. Much of custom ink printing is trial and error, and dependent on the material properties of your custom formulation, so accuracy and reliability are impossible to promise. In very general terms, materials that you can screen print are the best place to start, but we can't guarantee that something will or won't work. Many of our power users do dispense custom inks, so if you have questions about specific materials reach out to Voltera using the in-app support chat and we'll help you through it.

We use copper rivets for a couple of reasons. First: structural stability. Having a solid copper sleeve through your board is going to be much sturdier than cured ink. Second: hand soldering. Working with copper rivets allows for a nice solid metal surface to solder to, making hand soldering much easier.

Meet our desktop application

Sick of lab software that requires Win95 and FORTRAN knowledge? We are!

Our software is straightforward and uses in-app tutorials to teach you the printing, soldering, reflow and drilling workflows.

Read software FAQs
An icon showing that Voltera's software is easy to use.

Easy to Use

A minimal interface for the best user experience.

An icon showing that Voltera's software is intuitive


Instructional videos guide you every step of the way.

An icon showing that Voltera's software is constantly updated with the newest features.

Newest Features

Software and firmware auto update with the newest features and bug fixes.

An icon showing that Voltera's software is free.


No monthly payments. No massive upfront license. Download and use!

Buy the V-One now.

Software FAQ

Yep! The software is required to operate the V-One. You can download a copy of it here.

Think of apps on your phone. Your software will automatically update with new features, bug fixes, and user experience upgrades. Many of the updates come directly from our users suggestions. Check out our release notes to learn more.

The Voltera software allows you to use whatever CAD tool you are already comfortable with! You can use EAGLE, Altium, KiCad, Mentor Graphics, Cadence, DipTrace and more! Just export your designs as Gerbers and upload to our software. Easy as that!

We hate it when a perfectly good piece of equipment sits on a shelf collecting dust because no one knows how to operate it. That won't happen with the V-One.

At Voltera, we're obsessed with user experience and take it very seriously. We've gone to great lengths and invested a lot of time in making sure your first print experience is a pleasant one. Whether you're a student, teacher, parent, engineer, or rocket scientist, we made the software friendly and easy for everyone to use.

Yes, you can use the Voltera V-One software in six different languages: English, French, Korean, Arabic, Spanish and Russian.

Absolutely. Just keep in mind that this will throttle your access to the in-app support chat and automatic updates for your printer.

V-One Walkthrough

Watch a demonstration of how to print a double-sided circuit board on the Voltera V-One.

Want to see if the V-One is right for your application?

See our specs

Voltera V-One Support

Tutorials, downloads, live support chat and troubleshooting tips.

Get to know the basics of the Voltera V-One and learn a few tricks along the way!

Want to learn more?

Access Help Center

Online Help Center

Searchable guides, safety data sheets, getting started projects, video tutorials, and educational content.

Live Chat and Support

In-app chat available to contact us for support inquiry, at any time.

On-Boarding Material

Learn to use the system with quick “hello world” kits for single and double-sided boards.


"I want to take the opportunity to thank you guys for having such a great customer support service. Always fast, relevant and helpful answers!"

"Thanks so much... The V-One has really been a game changer for us. We are experimenting with concepts we never thought were possible before. This little machine has opened up a portal of possibilities in our research."

"The V-One absolutely rocks! It’s like a tiny little piece of magic. I feel like a kid with a new toy every time I use it. I love it!"

"I've never had a better and fast customer experience in my life! Amazing response time and clear and concise instructions. Also the built in support chat app is 10/10!"

"Awesome - as always. I wish all my tech support interactions with other companies went as well as they do with Mike @ Voltera."

"Always has the answers or works towards improving methods. Great support!"

"Being a Hardware R&D group, your concept can really open new dimensions in how we prototype and check things out."

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