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A big move for Voltera

The Voltera Team
August 1, 2017
Company updates

Usually if a company has been quiet for 8 months, things are either going really poorly or really well. So which one has it been for Voltera?

I think Cap knows just how we feel… exhausted but happy!

We were caught off guard late last year with the rate V-Ones were flying off the shelves and ultimately ran out of inventory back in January— a good problem for us to have I suppose!

Since then it was an uphill battle to slip some supply chain/assembly improvements into the product, get printers back in stock, and ship our backlog of hundreds of units.

In that time we also:

  • added some fantastic people (Anna and Makan) to the customer-facing side of the team
  • started developing some great new features to release later this year
  • set up some partnerships we’re excited to announce soon
  • demoed and spoke at IDTechEx Berlin and CPES17

But recently we realized that we’ve been crawling over boxes to get to our desks, fighting for power outlets, and have equipment/parts/tools piling up on everyone’s desks.

Its been a full house over here!

We’ve are incredibly grateful to the University of Waterloo and the Velocity program for giving us a home for the last 4 years but it is time for Voltera to leave the nest and really start focusing on the impact we’d like to make on the electronics and manufacturing industries.

We’re REALLY excited to be moving to a stylish new office that we feel will truly inspire and energize us.

With about 3 times more space than we have now, we will be able to focus even more on R&D and integrating the amazing customer feedback from all of you. We’ll be able build and ship units faster than ever. And we’ll be able to continue growing the Voltera family, both inside and outside the company.

We’ll share some pics when the move is complete!

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