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Solder Paste Cartridge T5 - Sn63Pb37

$59.99SKU: 1000357

T5 Particle size. Smaller particles means less clogging and more consistent dispensing!

*Not compatible with Voltera ink*

While the standard Voltera solder does work on factory-fabbed PCBs, this alloy has superior performance on boards with a lead-based HASL finish.  This allows you to easily paste, assemble, and reflow your prefabbed boards.

Particle size: T5

Alloy: Sn63Pb37

Reflow: 240C until fully melted

Each cartridge prints approximately 11,000 0603 pads.

Cartridges must be kept refrigerated, and have a shelf life of 8 months.  View the safety data sheet here.

Use with standard (black) nozzles only!

1 x 2mL cartridge

SKU: 1000357