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Punk Console Component Kit

$8.99 USDSKU: 1000339

The V-One Punk Console is the component kit for an advanced circuit-building tutorial, designed to familiarize you with the V-One drill attachment. With this kit, you’ll learn to build a two-sided board. When completed, you can turn the knobs to create music.

The Punk Console component kit includes:

  • Green LEDs - 2
  • 1K resistors - 8
  • 0.01uF capacitors - 3
  • 500K trimpots - 2
  • 556 timer - 1
  • Piezo buzzer - 1
  • 9V battery - 1
  • 9V battery connector - 1

Rivets and a V-One drill are required, but not included in this kit.