Double sided boards just got easier.

Automate your PCB drilling with the V-One Drill attachment

3 mil


0.4 mm

Min. Diam.



An automated drilling attachment.

Easy on the eyes and ears, the V-One Drill mounts directly on the V-One

Made for your V-One.

Reduce the number of machines and interfaces in your workflow. The V-One Drill attachment brings CNC drilling to the V-One platform.

The V-One's unique magnetic attachments makes tool changing a breeze. Use the drilling attachment to quickly make vias and through holes in your double sided boards.

Compact and elegant design.

It was designed to be as compact as possible, but don't let its small size fool you - the V-One Drill can spin at 13,000 RPM with a runout of 3 mil (~75 microns).

Everything you need to get started is included: Drill bits of various sizes, FR1 substrates, rivets and more!

Load your design file and drill your blank PCB.

Print the top and bottom layer on the V-One.

Use rivets to create your vias and through hole connections!

Unlock design freedom with rivets!

Design with two layers and easily make connections without compromises.

Copper rivets make an electrical connection between top and bottom layers and eliminates single layer design limitations. Rivets also provide strong mechanical connections for headers and connectors.

The right bit for the job.

A range of high precision drill bits are included. Change drill bits in seconds with the included hex key.

The following 1/8″ shank drill bits are included (2 of each): 0.70mm, 0.80mm, 0.90mm, 1.00mm, 1.60mm. If you need different sizes, let us know!

What is in the box?

The V-One Drill comes with everything you need to make double sided boards out of the box.

1 - V-One Drill.
A drilling attachment for the Voltera V-One

1 - Drill Bits Set.
A set of precision drill bits with 5 different sizes.

200 - 0.4mm Rivets.
Copper tubes for making vias.

200 - 1.0mm Rivets.
Copper tubes for making plated through holes.

2 - Rivet Tools.
Steel tools for perfectly pressing your rivets.

10 - 2x3” FR1 Substrates.
Made of FR1 - to extend the life of the bits.

6 - 3x4” FR1 Substrates.
Larger boards for when you need more space.

1 - Safety Glasses.
Safety first! The motor spins at high speeds.

1 - Sacrificial Layer.
Mount it on the V-One to protect the heated bed.

4 - 10mm Long thumbcrews.
Clamp your substrates down easier!

1 - 1.5mm Hex Key.
Used to swap out our drill bits.


What bit sizes are included?

How are vias and through holes created?

Can I route shapes? What about copper?

What hazards are there? I heard FR4 dust is toxic

I already have a V-One, will it work?

V-One Drill Specifications

Find the most up to date specifications about our new drilling attachment.


Supported Material


Spindle Speed (maximum)

13,000 RPM


12V, 25W

Drilling Data

Excellon (TXT)

Drill Bits

Runout (TIR)


Shank Diameter


Bit Diameter (maximum)


Bit Length (maximum)


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