2. Drill attachment setup

November 11, 2018
2 minute read.

Unpacking the V-One Drill

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with all of the consumables and accessories that come with the V-One Drill attachment. We've included everything you need to start making double sided boards right away:

In The Box

Also included:

  • Power Supply (12V, 25W)
  • Power Cable (1.8m)
  • Power Adapter
  • Zip Ties (2 pcs)
  • 4 Long Thumbscrews (10mm)
  • 2" x 3" FR1 Substrates (10 pcs)
  • 3" x 4" FR1 Substrates (6 pcs)
  • Zip Tie Mount.

Drill Anatomy

The drill is very similar to the probe and dispensers. It snaps onto the carriage using magnets and contains 3 contact pads for communication with the V-One. One thing to note - the device is externally powered.

In The Box

Installing and changing drill bits.

To install a drill bit, insert the bit into the coupler and use the provided 1.5 mm hex key to adjust the set screw. Push the drill bit in until the shank starts to taper, and then tighten the set screw.

Important: The substrate clamps may break the drill bit if it is not inserted deep enough!

Use the following pictures as an example:

In The Box

Securing the power cable.

The power cable consists of three parts. The power cable that connects to the wall, the actual power supply and a removable power adapter.

Pictured below is the power supply and the power adapter.

In The Box

During operation, it is important to secure the drill power cable since it may get tangled with surrounding objects.

1 - Install the zip tie holder on the left side of the carriage and using one zip tie, secure the power cable connector.

In The Box

2 - Use the second ziptie to secure the power supply cable to the V-One harness. Trim the excess with a set of scissors.

In The Box

3 - Mount the drill on the carriage and connect the power adapter. Rotate the power adapter so the cable is in a downward position. The final installation should look as shown:

In The Box

Using the sacrificial layer.

To protect the heated bed and the drill bits from any damage, we have included a large piece of FR1 that will cover the entire heated bed of the Voltera V-One. It is 1 mm thick and spans the entire printable area.

Important: Always install the sacrificial layer to stop the drill from damaging the heated bed!

When clamping substrates for drilling, the sacrificial layer must be installed underneath the substrate. It is normal and expected for the drill bits to partially perforate this layer during normal operation.

Use the long thumbscrews (included) and the clamps to secure the substrate down.

In The Box

Status LEDs

The V-One drill has two indicator LEDs labeled EN and PWR.

  • PWR stands for Power and indicates the device is receiving 12V
  • EN stands for Enable and indicates the motor is enabled and ready to receive commands from the V-One.

When the V-One Drill is powered and mounted on the V-One, the drill will enable the motor and an audible startup sequence (beeping) will be heard. This is normal operation.

Ready to start drilling? Jump right in by following our "Punk Console" drilling tutorial!

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